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britain served up the classic for the first time 136 years ago today. and now you know the news. elisabeth hasselbeck coming to fox news channel in september. o'reilly though is still here. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> no. [chanting] brill. >> bill: racial division rising as the verdict comes closer. we will have the story of black/white justice. >> there is no other form of intimate relationship that is acceptable to god but the union of one man to one woman for life. for saying that an american preacher was arrested in he can gland. why? john stossel has the story. >> the entire was a bait and switch.
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>> bill: charles krauthammer saying obama care is imploding. there is also questions whether president obama is violating the constitution in the matter. charles will be here. and caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. crime, punishment, and african-americans, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. over the july 4th weekend. 48 people were shot in chicago. 11 of them dead. all were black according to the chicago tribune. as you may know the murder rate in chicago is a disgrace. and 75% of all the murdered victims were black according to the latest stats available. but this story is largely untold in america because the national media refuses to cover it. meantime the george zimmerman trayvon martin trial is saturated with
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media coverage. the reason is race. the light skinned hispanic accused of murdering a black teenager. believe me, the 11 people shot dead in chicago over the weekend will not get a smidgen of coverage because it's likely that blacks killed blacks. fact of life in america, that there are some stories that will not be told because of race. new rasmussen poll illuminates that. when asked which racial group was most racist, 37% of americans say blacks. 15% say whites. 18% hispanics. even among african-americans themselves blacks come out as the top racist group, 31% of black henderson say their own race heads the list. while 24% consider whites the most racist group now the media wants to it part of any of that i guarantee you the poll will not be widely discussed. the only thing the american press will embrace is the specter of oppression. that is the if a white american kills a black american or any other minority, then the story
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gets cord. that's wrong. and causes racial division. we're supposed to be equal in this country. of course, that's impossible but it is a noble goal. no question the zimmerman trial is now a racial deal rather than a justice deal. and if george zimmerman is acquitted, by a jury of five white women and hispanic lady, it will be racial animus. wait and see. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, the latest on the zimmerman martin trial here now is it legal team kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. it is almost over. >> almost over. >> bill: there was as i understand, i didn't see it myself because i'm doing other things, powerful testimony by a so-called forensic psychologist. >> more specific than that. >> gunshot wound extra. >> 40 years of credibility. he is a promplet he has written books about this stuff. he had some really common sense forensics today that
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indicated, remember that martin was over zimmerman because of the way his clothes were when the shots were fired. that's important because he said martin was on top of me. martin was smashing my head against the cement. that's critical to the defense. >> bill: this man confirmed what zimmerman said which is why the defense had him last and let's roll the tape on the key sound bite. >> the wound itself is by the gap, by the powder tattooing in the face of a contact of the clothing indicates this is consistent with mr. zimmerman's account that he -- that mr. martin was over him leaning forward at the time of the shot. >> bill: how important is that, guilfoyle. >> i think this is the hole issue? the case. the position of the two of them. whether or not george
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zimmerman had a reasonable belief that he was in danger of great bodily injury or death. what he said is consistent with the number of times that we have heard from zimmerman during the prosecution's case, his previous statement that there is gunshot residue that the trajectory of the bullet, it's about four inches apart consistent with someone being on part of george zimmerman. and that's sis tent with what the prosecution says he was on top of him. >> bill: let me play devil's advocate here. the charge is that zimmerman murdered trayvon martin. second degree. >> second degree and manslaughter, correct. >> bill: certainly it is possible in a fracas, you are fighting, you are fighting, and there is no doubt that zimmerman had wounds and trayvon martin had wounds. you are fighting. that motion happens, that can put someone on top rather than on bottom. that doesn't mean a murder didn't happen, does it, wiehl it? >> doesn't necessarily. the jury can fight back and forth about. this remember, the key
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issue here is self-defense. we know that zimmerman killed martin. that's -- we know that was he acting in self-defense? it really bolsters his case if he is say and others his voice on the 911 call. >> bill: other witnesses saying it was. >> forensic experts is beyond friends and all of that. >> bill: that's what i mean. this forensic expert then becomes what they call the end all. not the be all because there is a lot of other things but the end all. he comes in and you say he has 40 years of experience. his credibility is very strong. >> without question, right. >> when he he was cross-examined by the prosecution, they didn't lay a glove on him. >> no, he did a good job. the only thing is i will tell you about experts and jurors that experts -- jurors look at experts and say, look, whichever guy is paying for them. >> bill: nobody witnessed it. so this guy is looming large. >> this is very important though. you have to understand widely the consensus is
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clear that the prosecution pathologist had a lot of mistakes on the stabbed and credibility issues. that's true. >> bill: we don't want to render anything until it actually comes. in zimmerman himself not going to take the stand, right? >> i can't imagine him taking the stand. >> bill: nobody can imagine. >> he was already testified in that courtroom through videotape. >> bill: so he is done. what's likely to happen is there will be some more tomorrow. >> yes. >> bill: all right. then both the defense and the prosecution closing statements of the jury. >> jury instruction. >> real quick, other important point zimmerman's head being hit against the ground like that, he said that consistent with the injuries he had could be fatal that it's only a matter of time. >> bill: this is what the forensic guy says. >> you can die from that and have brain damage. >> at some point you're gonna die. >> that's a big deal that he testified to that. >> bill: that's why they held him back for the end. that's why the defense held him back to the end. >> you are right. >> bill: the prosecution didn't have anybody to
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counter that. >> well, we don't know. there may be. >> so far. >> there may be rebuttal. we don't know what the prosecution will do. they have a chance to come back. >> bill: it's possible the prosecution will bring in somebody. >> rebuttal. they have to rebut what the defense presented. >> bill: i think that's a fair report. now we will bring the ladies back in a little while because we he have a major college about a college student in california embarrassed by school officials for wearing a cross around her neck. wait until you hear this. but next on the rundown, an african-american minister will react to the black on black crime situation we have been talking about. and, later, charles krauthammer says obama care is a bait and switch, very provocative, charles will be here in just a few moments. ♪
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tilts toward african-american men mitigate this that reported cram, mostly by other african-americans is overwhelmingly in the black, young black man precincts. does that mitigate anything? >> i don't believe it does. i really don't. you have to look at the culture in which this bias is held. and you have to look at the imagery of the culture and what the popular culture has turned out representation of people of color. >> reverend jacques degraph fox news analyst. i was trying to get across to mr. burton who is very passionate about how blacks are treated by the justice system in this country. trayvon martin is an extension of that look, there is a reason why more young black men are in
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prison there is a reason why police are more cautious about approaching a man in a car. the reason is violent crime in this country is generated by young black men. am i wrong? >> part of is geographically. all black men are not in high crime areas. it's not in the d.n.a. it's gee graphic and certain conditions. how do you react to this statistic that's unbelievable. in 2011, 91% of all black americans who were murdered, 91% were murdered by other black americans. that cuts across every gee graphic call boundary. 91%. >> most crimes are committed by people from the ethnic group of the perpetrator. people known to each other function in the same community. >> that's an astronomical figure. >> it's troubling and
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condemning. that's why so many of us in leadership in the african-american community have been raising this for a prolonged time. your question about does the media cover these kinds of things and how do they cover it, the media does not cover a lot of things in african-american community, including those of us who have been saying there is is a crisis here. >> bill: why doesn't the media, in your experience cover it. >> because they don't think it's news worthy. >> how is that possible? there is almost a novotny chicago. chicago is more dangerous than afghanistan for americans. >> especially black americans. >> bill: right. because that's who is being killed. >> because those who decide what is important in the news don't think that african-americans and african-american life generally are important. >> bill: how can that be possible when they are so liberal deciders -- >> -- because the same people look at the same set of disparities health care and other educational disparity and say we are in a post racial era because obama got elected president. that's a false notion. >> bill: i don't believe the "new york times" and other entities nbc news are
8:15 pm
thinking that way. here is what i think. >> that's the coverage. >> bill: they are flat out afraid of the issue. they are afraid of reporting that blacks are killing blacks in chicago. >> that's patronizing and condescending. >> it is but they are afraid of it? >> whenever the reason, the fact is that it is having tremendously negative effect on the discussion in general. >> bill: not only that having tremendously negative impact on the black community in general because more black americans are dying. there is no way on earth this travon martin george zimmerman trial should be getting this coverage. the only reason it's doing it is because it is a light skinned hispanic against a black kid. >> i think that the centerpiece of the trial and the issue at least for african-americans is that this man was told by his dispatcher don't follow him. >> bill: that's a key to it it's an interesting case one way or the other because of the stand your ground law and 911 call, it
8:16 pm
is. no doubt about it i'm not complaining about seeing let's see how the justice system works here. i'm not complaining about that what i do fear very much is that if zimmerman is acquitted and it looks like he will be, all right, black americans are going to react negatively to that acquittal. >> i think black americans are reviewing, assessing and feel that we are under siege for a variety of reasons for which this would be just one. the criminal justice system doesn't work. the legal system doesn't work. we are very distressed by the findings of the supreme court more distress dollars about the reactions of congress in general in terms of fair treatment. >> all of those grievances while they are legitimate, all right, cannot be be applied to saying gel case of alleged murder if zimmerman isn't guilty he isn't guilty. if the jury finds it that way and you start to have people burning buildings down it's going to be a major problem. >> there is going to be a problem when people feel that it is open season for
8:17 pm
whites to shoot blacks. and the heart of that matter lies in the cynicism that goes out. >> bill: if you feel that way you can't change it i will tell you where there is open season on killing blacks. chicago, illinois. >> it's not just chicago. >> bill: that's where the intensity is. >> too many american cities where government has not done and black leadership has failed. >> bill: all right. reverend, always interesting. thank you. >> thank you. >> bill: ahead charles krauthammer on whether president obama is doing something unconstitutional on delaying some of the mandates. american preacher arrested in london for saying this. >> i said that homosexuality is wrong. well, it is wrong. >> bill: those reports after these messages. geico's defensive driver,ke 13. good student and multi-policy discounts could save you hundreds of dollus. engineer: uh geico's discounts could save you hundreds of "doll-ars." it sounds like you're saying "dollus." dollus. engineeif you could accentuate the "r" sound
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, our pal charles krauthammer believes that obama care is, quote: a gigantic bait and switch. also an article in the "wall street journal" today says the president does not have the constitutional power to delay the obama care law. joining us from washington is dr. krauthammer. i'm not going to downgrade to you a mister, you are a doctor. let's explain the bait and switch first. >> look, the promise of this president was obama care won't cost a penny now, anybody who has a mind would understand if you are gonna give healthcare to 30 million people who haven't had it, there is no free lunch. but he kept pretend iting and they kept putting provisions in the law that would make the cbo create estimates on these provisions that would show that it would pay for itself. a lot of them have been completely discounted.
8:22 pm
now, one of them is this employer mandate. that was supposed to be a source of revenue. lo and behold we are not going to have that there have been other elements of the law. for example, if you want to be eligible for the government subsidies of these health insurance from the exchanges you have to prove that you are eligible. that was tossed out last week as well. so, on one side we're getting less revenue. on the other side we're going to get huge amounts of waste and fraud. we know the costs are escalating and we know it's going to cost a fortune to the treasury and we're going to have to raise taxes. >> bill: the congressional budget office. >> that's the bait and switch. >> bill: that's the cbo you were referring. >> to the cbo isn't acting wantonly it. it has to follow what's written in the law. what obama did is put all the bait and switch stuff in the law which created the estimates that it would
8:23 pm
be okay. now all of these measures are removed and now we can starkly see how much it will bankrupt the treasury. >> bill: let me break this down so even i can understand it, all right? you know how i am. >> a simple man i have been told. >> bill: beyond simple into a realm where we really don't have a descriptive adjective. >> don't worry i will come up with one. >> i'm sure you will. >> bill: the president's vision that he put forth to the american people that this new obama care law which is an income redistribution play give poor people who can't afford insurance the same access to healthcare as the rich people or the affluent people. it wasn't drive house cost down. you are saying no do you
8:24 pm
assert that president obama knew it wasn't going to happen and did it in a deceitful way. i was saying that two years ago, long before this i will give you an example. part of the bill called the class act. the class act was to ensure long-term nursing home care which is unbelievably expensive. however, the way it was written in the bill. it wouldn't start for a decade but you and i would have to start putting in premiums right now they would have a decade of no
8:25 pm
expenditures much in the end. >> expense of the nursing home against the revenue coming. >> in it was delayed. >> in your opinion. how much is this going to cost the federal government to ensure people who don't have insurance? do you have any figure? >> i was estimating a lot of people who looked at this were estimating at the beginning. it would be a trillion dollars 2 trillion. it's going to be -- you know he what you are going to have to do? they will have to raise taxes and they might even have to introduce a vat. the kind of sales tax. >> bill: i don't think that's going to happen if the democrats lose power. i think they will rescind the whole thing. if it's as chaotic, continues to be as chaotic as it is now. the thing is going to be thrown out. real quick and i only have 30 seconds. do you think it's
8:26 pm
unconstitutional for the president to take an existing law that he signed and say we're not going to force part of that law the employer mandate is that unconstitutional? >> of course it's unconstitutional. the constitution says the executive has to faithfully execute the laws and here it is faithfully ignoring a law it doesn't like in the same way it wantonly passed the dream act unilaterally an act that the congress had rejected. it is absolutely lawless in the things it does. this is only the latest example. >> all right. charles, thanks very much as always. american preacher arrested in london for disparaging homosexuals in public. john stossel on that. then a woman wear as cross at a california college is humiliated for doing so. is it legal has the story and we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: stossel matter segment tonight, amazing story out of london, england, an american evangelist named tony is doing some street preaching in the british capitol and got arrested for saying this. >> there is no other form of sexuality. there is no other form of intimate relationship that is acceptable to god but the union of one man to one woman for life.
8:31 pm
everything else, everything else is an abomination to god. i said that homosexuality is wrong. well, it is wrong. not according to me. i don't make the rules. i don't set the standards. according to god's word it is wrong. >> bill: he was arrested and interrogated by police. the factor has learned he will not be prosecuted. with us here is john stossel. why is he not being prosecuted because great britain has this law that you can't disparage any singular group. >> and they rarely go all the way and prosecute people. shortly before a man was arrested for telling a cop your horse was gay. they have these hate speech law. >> bill: your horse looks day with and he got arrested for that. >> he got arrested for that an oxford student. >> bill: how did he look gay. >> i don't know. probably wanted to insult the cop or something.
8:32 pm
you can't insult a group in the country. >> bill: is it an insult for a preacher, this guy, i guess, california who says, look. the bible in which i believe says that this is a sin and i'm just stating my belief system. is that an insult? >> yeah. i think so. >> bill: do you? >> you should have the right to insult people when you don't believe in what they are doing. >> bill: in europe, all countries, denmark, france, netherlands, france. >> your show would have real. >> bill: i'm on in those countries. if i go there they will arrest me. >> public insults. you insult me all the time. >> vice versa. you will be confined to sole solitary confinement. i don't insult groups. i insult people like barney frank or something. you know, it's a -- this group. >> in britain insulting
8:33 pm
words likely to cause distress. >> bill: i'm in trouble. and i'm supposed to go to london later this year. >> and this man probably got off because he was able to cite an example where a judge got off. and he had run an ad saying the word of god is against sodomy. this is a perverted form of sexuality that was stronger than what this preacher. >> bill: there was a case in great britain like where a guy got off. was acquitted something is stronger. it just occurred to me you know this guy michael savage this radio talk show host he was barred entry into the british isles because of his rhetoric against gays and others. they do take this seriously. >> a canadian group was prosecuted for publishing car tunes mohammed. >> bill: in countries you could be executed in saudi arabia, kuwait and pakistan for saying anything bad about islam. they cut your head off. >> i love the way the pakistan constitution puts it. every citizen has the right
8:34 pm
to free speech, subject to any reasonable restriction imposed on the interests of the glory of islam. we should be glad we have a first amendment. >> bill: you object to any hate speech limitations because i debated this with with you. i don't think a person should be allowed to group to another person. say this preacher went up to homosexual and got up in his face and said you are going to hell, you're going to hell, you're going to hell. i think that should be against the law. invading space. bringing intentional anguish. i think that person should be protected. >> i would agree it's wrong to do that. >> i think it should be illegal. >> fighting words, inciting violence. >> bill: going to hell is a pretty violent. there is a lot of fire down there. it does not feel good. >> shouldn't be able to get in the face of people. these laws don't stop it. they just drive it under ground. >> bill: all right. well it drives it under ground. but they are looking for more civil society. i think they are making a
8:35 pm
mistake in the general sense but specifically you shouldn't be allowed to taser somebody because you don't think that their belief system is proper. >> this guy wasn't doing. >> no. and that was crazy. the british should have left them alone. john stossel, everybody. when we come right back. is it legal returns. the story about a california college student humiliated because she wore a cross on campus. legal is next. ok, i am coming. [ susan ] i hate that the reason we're always stopping is because i have to go to the bathroom. and when we're sitting in traffic, i worry i'll have an accident. be right back. so today, i'm finally going to talk to my doctor about overactive bladder symptoms. [ female announcer ] know that gotta go feeling? ask your doctor about prescription toviaz. one toviaz pill a day significantly reduces sudden urges and accidents for 24 hours. if you have certain stomach problems or glaucoma, or cannot empty your bladder, you should not take toviaz.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment tonight on june 27th. 19-year-old audrey jarvis a senior at soma state university in california was working at the school when an administrator approached her and told her to remove the cross she was wearing around her neck. >> i work for an on campus organization and i was told to remove my necklace so that i wouldn't offend somebody and i was as a christian person it was, you know, something that -- it is something that is very important to me and i hold very dear to my heart. i felt as though i had to be ashamed of my faith and that's not something i'm comfortable with at all. >> bill: last night under the threat of legal action sonoma state apologized to audrey saying their actions were quote inappropriate. with us now is kimberly gill foreign oil and lis wiehl. is the story over? is that it.
8:40 pm
>> the story has come to an appropriate resolution which is the university has apologized. they said they are going to discipline the supervisor that was with this associated student's group. they showed campus tours because is he still under their purview. and it was improper to tell her to remove the cross so she can carry the cross. why is this happening to begin with? she has a first amendment freedom of expression for her religion. why? >> bill: i don't know if improper is the right word. it's outrageous. >> it's unconstitutional. here is another word for you. >> bill: if you want to put a cross or star of david or crescent for the muslims around your neck. >> disturbing. put it that way. >> is she going to sue? is she going to take this further? >> she brought a letter saying i want an apology. this has been happening not just this one time but upsetting incidents. >> bill: that's a big cross though and that's a cross in play, right? that looks like the cross sister mary larona in the 3rd grade. almost hit me in the nose.
8:41 pm
>> but even if it's big, she has a right to wear it? >> she has an absolute right in a state school, freedom of expression. >> bill: we don't know whether she is going to litigate? >> she has got to show damages. >> it's been resolved so there is not going to be a financial recovery here. i think it's important for declaratory judgment so it doesn't happen to other people. she could tattoo a cross on herself if she wants. what are they going to do tell her to go home and scrub it off? >> bill: wisconsin a number of other states. tighten up abortion laws and make them 20 weeks or down to eliminate late term abortions that now science has proven the babies feel pain. but, a federal judge. you know it was going to happen. now is trying to block the law in wisconsin. tell me what the law exactly says. >> the law in wisconsin is not about the 19 weeks or the 2 o0 weeks. the law in wisconsin passed a month ago says, look, if you are a doctor and you want to perform an abortion in wisconsin, you have to have privileges at a local hospital within 30 miles of
8:42 pm
the clinic. and the idea being the proponents of this law said, you know, we want you to have privileges. if something happens to a woman after an abortion. >> bill: you need to get to a hospital does that make sense to you. >> that makes sense you can't have the doctor filling up the hospital. the judge said no temporarily restrained it meaning temporarily restrained the law from going into effect saying, wait, due process for those doctors. you can have doctors. >> bill: due process. >> let me get to the other side. due process for doctors who perform operations that don't need to have visiting rights at other hospitals. >> bill: operations that are performed that you don't have to have. >> gynecologist. >> bill: why didn't they say any doctor performing abortion has to have. >> any doctor has to have -- that's exactly what they did, bill. if you are performing an abortion, you have to have privileges in a hospital. >> bill: no they didn't, wiehl. i said why don't they have all operations. >> all doctors. >> real quick this is judge
8:43 pm
william conley. there is troubling lack of justification for the hospitals restricting these admitting provision if going in to do some kind of heart privilege i don't have the same burden of being restricted as an abortion provider does. he cited the u.s. supreme court. >> bill: doesn't want them singled out. >> it has to be reasonable. >> bill: not as egregious as it might appears. >> aimed at preserving the mother's health. does it preserve. >> you can imagine the scene? >> i got one more. in orange county, florida, orange county, california, there is some hikers they got lost. 500 milligrams. >> they wanted to pay back the money. the fire department there saying why did they have to pay these guys. 500 milligrams of meth found in one of the hikers
8:44 pm
cars. >> they are blown out of their minds on meth. and then. >> dumb and dumber. rescue people have to rescue them spending all this money. >> 106,000 for the rescue. >> bill: of course they have to pay it back and charged with meth possession. >> they are going charged for that. >> bill: pay it back. >> one of these volunteer rescues out there broke his back. >> bill: looking for them. >> looking for them. >> bill: he should sue them. >> he is for 350,000. the cost of his healthcare. >> that's outrageous. if you are going to get lost, don't take drugs. >> that's the lesson for the day. if you are taking drugs you are lost. spitzer and weiner two guys running for office running again. when you experience something great, you want to share it.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. as everybody knows, former congressman anthony weiner and former new york state governor eliot spitzer, both had to it leave their offices because of sex scandals. but now both are running again. weiner for new york city mayor, spitzer for new york city comptroller. so what should we think about that? here now monica crowley and alan colmes both fox news analyst and you say monica. >> weiner and spitzer you can't make it out. right? >> bill: the the duo they should make folk rock songs. >> weiner and spitzer. if you wrote a script nobody would believe it unbelievable. they have every right to run obviously and make a run in this in new york city i think they actually stand both good chances of actually winning the offices for which they are running. i think why is that new york city is judgmental. >> more progressive. most other parts of the country i will say that i
8:49 pm
think people are generally pretty forgiving on this stuff. >> bill: are you monica crowley forgiving? >> it depends on the context. john edwards who had a love child with his mistress who was paying off to be silent while his wife was dying of cancer, that's a bridge too far. >> bill: let me show the audience first the contrition that both men have brought, go. >> i think, i i can ask for forgiveness. look at my entirety of the record as attorney general, as prosecutor, as governor. i havered and i have acknowledged it. >> i have made big mistakes and let people down. i have also learned tough lessons. i am running for mayor because i have am working for those in the middle class. i hope i get a second chance to work for you. >> bill: is that enough, colmes? >> i think so. we never know what's in somebody's heart. not only did they have to go through the scandals they went through and the personal problems but they had to do it publicly which is humiliating.
8:50 pm
>> they put themselves in those positions by texting weiner. >> it humbles people and can change them those people cn change them for the better. they will be better public servants now. >> maybe they can't hack it in the private sector which is why they keep coming back to being subsidized by the taxpayer. i think there's a distinction to be made between politicians who get caught in sex scandals who break the law, and those who don't. for example, anthony weiner did not break the law. he's ethically challenged and violated his vows to his wife as they all did. but eliot spitzer by soliciting a prostitute and transporting them across state lines broke the law and never paid a price. he never paid his debt to society. >> first of all, spitzer is more of a hypocrite because he prosecuted prostitution rings when he was attorney general.
8:51 pm
there's more hypocrisy there. there are people who run who never talk about family values, they talk about how wonderful it is, to whom have you a wife that's faithful. it's a different situation than if you are not one of those people who have that as your message. >> both weiner and spitzer used their spouses in photo ops and so i don't think we want to go into that area. would you vote combs for either man? >> yes. >> would you? >> no, i'm not voting for either. >> it's a political play for you. would you vote conservative in louisiana? >> that's a great question, and i don't honestly know. >> you don't know? >> it depends on who the opponent is. >> sanford in carolina? >> yes. >> you would vote for sanford? >> well, he's engaged to the woman, he apologized. and he didn't break the law. he did not break the law. >> you would vote for -- you
8:52 pm
don't know if you'd vote for weiner, but you would vote for sanford? >> i would. >> you wouldn't vote for these two guys because -- >> i -- >> wait, monica, because of political reasons. you would vote for anybody who does anything? >> well, a liberal. >> liberals, any more. gengas khan comes on. we have no moral compass, right? >> i'm trying to get your baseline. you would vote for gengas? >> if he were a democrat, you know that. >> okay. holmes making news. >> it was a joke. >> it's an important point. >> make it in 30 seconds. >> private ethics and behavior and morality really does give you a window into public behavior and morality. his case was a little different.
8:53 pm
i'm not making excuses for him. i understand now, i'm not making any excuses for that. i'mcying you judge based on each individual case. >> okay. here they are. back to tip of the day, the conclusion. our campaign to get high-tech wheelchairs from veterans who lost limbs in afghanistan and iraq. it's stunning. there is a pursuit we all share. a better life for your family, a better opportunity for your business, a better legacy to leave the world. we have always believed in this pursuit, striving to bring insight to every investment, and integrity to every plan. we are morgan stanley. and we're ready to work for you.
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tip of the day. our mission to get track chairs for veterans in a moment. you name it, we're moving it out. billo' premiumers can add their discounts. these are amazing deals. we hope you stock up on gifts, all the money i get goes to
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charity. now, the e-mail, edgeworth pennsylvania. you are making leading statements about the zimmerman trial. you are disturbingly suggestive. balder dash. the jury's sequestered and i am basing my analysis on facts and preparing the audience for a verdict. that is my job. if the justice system works, implying the verdict should go the way he prefers. i opine the justice system will work whatever the outcome on the martin trial. absent new information, i'm with you. larry. bill, truly enjoyed your exchange with lavar burton. you were both calm. i didn't appreciate adam corolla's remarks about jim carrey. he's a canadian. you snubbed canadians.
8:57 pm
not by intent, ray. the record jim carrey has become an american citizen. cynthia husky, why would president obama interrupt his golf game because of the crisis in egypt. he didn't interrupt his campaign when americans died in benghazi. bill, just finished reading killing kennedy, on a number of occasions, you detailed jfk's workday especially in times of crisis. bruce edmond, roswell georgia. the factor has become a comedy show, trying to ascribe logic to the president's golf outing is beyond funny. you are now laurel and hardy. trying to picture goldberg as oliver hardy, bruce, kind of hard to do. stacy, costa rica, just completed both killing kennedy and killing lincoln. two of the best books i ever read. i hope they become required
8:58 pm
reading for all children. kennedy's last days have followed lincoln's last days on to the children's bestseller lists. many kids are now getting the knowledge which is an excellent thing. the kennedy last days book, one of the most beautiful books i've ever seen. the pictures and everything. very good. the tip of the day, wlrappig up our campaign for the wheelchairs in afghanistan and iraq. the chairs cost about $15,000 each. so far we have raised more than $6 million to buy them for the amputees and those paralyzed. the five living american presidents signed this picture for a donation of $25 or more to the independence fund. you get a replica suitable for framing, it's a great picture. punch up this is a very noble effort and all of you who have helped out are patriots. we continue to ask american
8:59 pm
corporations to lead this effort. just today william morris' endeavor committed to buying a track chair. in a few weeks, jesse waters will file a report on how the wheelchairs changed the lives of the severely wounded. for now, please know that we the people have brought tremendous relief to these brave military folks and their families, and i can't thank you enough. $6 million plus. factor tip of the hat to all of you. and that's it for us tonight. please check out the foxnews website, different from billo' if you wish to opine, leave your name. word of the day, do not be phillippic. thanks for watching us toht

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